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Make Art Not War

Make Art Not War

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Programmable NFC Chip
Trigger Guard

These guns are a reminder to take your anger or frustration and use it to express yourself through any means that is creative aka constructive instead of destructive. While I believe in self defense I believe most instances of violence can be avoided through mindfulness and community support.

Each one of these are 100% unique and created from the drips from other creations. I never waste any material by designing these table pieces in order to make beauty out of waste. Colors are randomly picked by me! There are two gun options one with a curved trigger guard and one has a square trigger guard. 

It can have a programmable NFC chip which you can use to connect guests to your speakers or wifi. You are also able to use it to send people to your personal website or payment vendor. The possibilities are endless! 

All of bitprincess jewelry is one of a kind. She creates clay versions, makes a mold of the shape and casts it in resin. The result has finishing touches applied. They are infused with her love for the craft and enthusiasm for you, the wearer!

When you select a specific color it may have multiple tones and textures in that color as well! If you want to have multiple DIFFERENT colors or stones please send a followup email to right after you place your order!


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Twofairy by Bitprincess is committed to sustainable choices in everything from production to packaging. A portion of some of our proceeds on selected items go toward native american run conservation efforts. We want to build a better future for ourselves and the generations to come.

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